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The Lord's Day (The Synod of Dordt)


The great Synod of Dordt (1618-19) adopted six points regarding the Sabbath which, translated almost verbatim, read as follows:

  1. In the fourth commandment of God’s Law there is a ceremonial and a moral element.

  2. The rest on the seventh day after the creation, and the strict observance of this day with which the Jewish people were charged particularly, was ceremonial.

  3. That a definite and appointed day has been set aside to the service of God, and that for this purpose as much rest is required as is necessary for the service of God and for hallowed contemplation, this element is moral.

  4. The Sabbath of the Jews having been set aside, Christians are in duty bound to hallow the Day of the Lord solemnly.

  5. This day has always been kept in the early Church since the time of the Apostles.

  6. This day must be so consecrated unto the service of God that upon it men rest from all servile labours, except those required by charity and present necessities, and likewise from all such recreations as prevent the service of God.