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Book Review: Whosoever Will


Whosoever Will
by Herman Hoeksema
Reformed Free Publishing Association, Michigan, USA,
Paperback, xi + 114 pp.
ISBN 0-916206-67-X.
£8.00 + £0.80 P&P (Click here to order from the CPRC Bookstore)

This well-produced paperback on the theme of the gracious calling of God in conversion is ideal for giving to troubled souls or to Christians searching for assurance or to those facing the confusion of Arminianism. In fact, there are few of us who would not benefit from reading this treasure of a book, because the vital subject matter is so lucidly treated.

Hoeksema was a brilliant, evangelical theologian and a gifted linguist. All his writings reflect his love for and personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Just read chapter 10 in this book—how the heart melts as one absorbs the wonderful truths about "Man’s Coming and God’s Drawing!"

The author takes the chorus of the hymn "Whosoever Will May Come" and shows, in effect, how to understand the words in a biblical way. His exegesis is masterly and his argument scriptural. These 13 short chapters include "Coming to Find Rest," "Coming to Drink," "Coming to Eat the Bread of Life," "Coming to the Light," "The Act of Coming," "Coming and Preaching," "God’s Drawing and Man’s Responsibility," and "Coming Ever Nearer."

They were originally messages broadcast on radio and were first published in book form in 1945. It uses the Authorised Version of the Bible. A Spanish translation followed in 1989 and a second Spanish edition appeared in 1998. Judging from the number of English reprints, this book has been in constant demand for six decades. Read it and find out why!

Sonia Hill, Llandeilo