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Covenant Protestant Reformed Church



Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 14 June, 2009


"Quicken me after thy lovingkindness; so shall I keep

the testimony of thy mouth" (Ps. 119:88)



Morning Service - 11:00 AM   -  Sem. M. McGeown

Christ’s Promise to Give the Burdened Rest     [download]

Scripture Reading: Matthew 11:1-30

Text: Matthew 11:28

I. Rest From What?

II. Rest Through Whom?

III. Rest for Whom?

Psalms: 32:1-5; 30:1-6; 38:1-6; 55:18-22


Evening Service - 6:00 PM    -  Sem. M. McGeown

Christ’s Desire That We Be With Him       [download]

Scripture Reading: John 17:1-26

Text: John 17:24

I. The Ardent Desire

II. The Glorious Purpose

III. The Certain Fulfilment

Psalms: 16:8-11; 30:7-12; 27:4-6; 73:23-26

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Quotes to Consider:

Prof. D. Engelsma: "Although ordinarily hyper-Calvinism is afraid to call the unconverted to Christ, there may even be a hesitation to preach the call to repentance and faith within the congregation. One feels uneasy about this as if this goes in the direction of ‘works’ or the altar call. Then, a preacher does grave injustice to the Scriptures and a great disservice to God’s people. If he dares to preach on Matthew 11:28, the merciful Savior’s tender call to the laboring and heavy laden with its precious promise of rest, the bulk of the sermon is controversy with the Arminian corruption of the text. Little is done with the comforting message of the text. The tender, urgent call to the laboring in the audience is never given. The audience goes home convinced that the Arminian interpretation is wrong but without having heard the gospel themselves" (Hyper-Calvinism and the Call of the Gospel, p. 209).

Announcements (subject to God’s will):

The new Standard Bearer and British Reformed Journal are available for subscribers. A report on the first week of the PRC Synod and a letter from Rev. Bruinsma in Pittsburgh are also on the back table.

The Council meets Wednesday night at 7:30 PM at the manse.

This Friday, Rev. Stewart will give a lecture in Limerick on "Calvin vs. Darwin: Anniversaries, Origins and Worldviews." He will also be preaching there on the Lord’s Day. Please this witness and the saints in Limerick in your prayers.

The Reformed Witness Hour next Lord’s Day (8:30-9:00 AM, on Gospel 846MW), is entitled "Remembering Reformed Economics" (II Corinthians 8).

Next Lord’s Day, Sem. McGeown will lead our services for the last time this summer. In the evening, we will have preparatory with the view of partaking of the Lord’s Supper on Sunday, 28 June.

Upcoming Lectures:

Ballymena, Friday, 10 July, 8 PM - Calvin’s Battle for the Reformation (I)

Ballymena, Friday, 17 July, 8 PM - Calvin’s Battle for the Reformation (II)

S. Wales, Thursday, 23 July, 7:15 PM - Calvin vs. Darwin: Anniversaries, Origins and Worldviews

Offerings: General Fund - £702.76. Building Fund - £334.32. Donation: £21 (Portadown).

Website Additions: 2 more sermons have been added to the CPRC YouTube website. 6 Portuguese, 1 Burmese, 2 Italian, and 2 German translations have been added to our main website, as has an article by Martyn McGeown on the immediate imputation of Adam’s sin to his posterity.

PRC News: Trinity PRC will call a pastor from their first trio of Revs. W. Langerak (Southeast, MI), Slopsema (First, MI), and Kuiper (Randolph, WI).

Church of Scotland Upholds Installation of Homosexual Minister

Rev. Angus Stewart
When a church member in Corinth committed incest, the apostle Paul was indignant that the congregation tolerated this sin (I Cor. 5:1-2). He rebuked them sharply and called upon the church to excommunicate the offender (vv. 1-8).
Yet the Church of Scotland's 2009 General Assembly officially decided to uphold the installation of a homosexual minister. What flagrant disobedience to the Lord Jesus Christ! The General Assembly (not just one erring congregation) tolerated (and did not excommunicate) a homosexual (not merely an incestuous person) minister (not just a member)!
The church at Corinth heeded the apostolic rebuke and its loving discipline was used by God to bring the incestuous man to repentance (II Cor. 2; 7). Will June's General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI) admonish its mother church according to the Word of God? Or will the Church of Scotland's Irish daughter follow (in due time) its mother's footsteps? So many churches (like the Church of England and the Church of Scotland) are descending into world-conformity: higher criticism of the Bible, theistic evolutionism, free-willism, false ecumenism, women missionaries, deaconesses, women elders, women ministers, accepting impenitent homosexual members and tolerating homosexual ministers. The PCI (and the Church of Ireland and Methodist Church in Ireland) is already well down this pathway. "Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?" (I Cor. 5:6). It is due time that PCI members wake up, protest its apostasy and join a church that preaches the Scriptures, administers the sacraments, exercises church discipline and worships God according to His Word and not according to political correctness.