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Covenant Protestant Reformed Church



Rev. Angus Stewart

Lord’s Day, 2 March, 2008


"Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving,

and honour, and power, and might,

be unto our God for ever and ever" (Rev. 7:12)



Morning Service - 11:00 AM

Isaiah’s Vision of Christ’s Glory (7)

Lord, How Long?

Isaiah 6:11-13

I. The Concerned Question

II. The Distressing Answer

III. The Comforting Answer

Psalms: 6:1-10; 119:1-8; 94:1-8; 102:13-18


Evening Service - 6:00 PM

The Institution of Baptism

Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 26; Matthew 28:18-20

I. The Occasion

II. The Form

III. The Calling

Psalms: 48:1-2, 10-14; 119:9-16; 67:1-7; 19:7-13


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CPRC website:

Quotes to Consider:

John Calvin on Isaiah 6:13: "... the Church, amidst the numerous afflictions which she endures, appears to have no strength, and is supposed to be utterly ruined. Whenever this takes place, let us fully believe that, notwithstanding these appearances, there is still some concealed energy which though it be not immediately manifest to our eyes, will at length yield its fruit. That energy lies hidden in the word of the Lord, by which alone the Church is sustained."

J. A. Alexander on Isaiah 6:13: "However frequently the people may seem to be destroyed, there shall still be a surviving remnant, and however frequently that very remnant may appear to perish, there shall still be a remnant of the remnant left, and this indestructible residuum shall be the holy seed, the true church ..."

Announcements (subject to God’s will):

We welcome William Gibson from Bristol to our worship services today.

The second offering this morning will be for our building fund.

William Graham and Karen Campbell’s mother suffered a severe stroke last Lord’s Day. She is in Antrim Hospital. Remember the Grahams and the Campbells in prayer during this difficult time.

Catechism Classes: Monday, 5:00 PM at the Murrays Monday, 6:30 PM with the Campbells at the manse

The Council holds its monthly meeting tomorrow at 7:30 PM at the manse.

Women’s Bible Study meets this Tuesday, 4 March, 10:30 AM at the Murrays to look at Lesson 10 on wisdom. Additional lessons can be picked up today.

Membership Class: Tuesday, 8:30 PM at the Hallidays

Midweek Bible Study meets Wednesday, 7:45 PM, at the manse. We will study II Timothy 3:10ff on "All that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution."

Rev. & Mary Stewart will travel to Limerick this Friday. Rev. Stewart will give a lecture there on "God’s Magnifying His Word."

Offerings: General Fund - £397.90. Donations: £5 (pamphlets).

The Reformed Witness Hour next Lord’s Day (8:30-9:00 AM, on Gospel 846MW), is entitled "The Sufferings of the Cross" (Isaiah 53).

Francesco DeLucia finished his last exam on Thursday and plans to move to Northern Ireland to join the CPRC on 18 March.

Upcoming Lecture: 28 March, "God’s Magnifying His Word," in South Wales

Plan on a congregational outing on Easter Monday, 24 March. More details later.

Website Additions: 7 chapters of Rev. Kortering’s Study in Eschatology in Italian.

PRC News: Rev. Slopsema received the call to Calvary PRC in Iowa.

Italian Translations

We now have 203 articles in the Italian section of our website. Yesterday, Francesco De Lucia e-mailed his first translation of the Covenant Reformed News (Italian) to interested persons in Italy. Below are some encouraging quotes from readers of the Italian material.

"In the CPRC Italian section there are translations of Reformed articles which are WONDERFULLY USEFUL." - Isernia

"Thank you for your commitment in translating articles very useful to us, God bless you ... Thank you for your commitment to this huge work of translation. God bless you and strengthen you!" - Naples

"It is also thanks to your translations that I now accept the doctrines of total depravity election, limited atonement, irresistible grace, and the perseverance of the saints ... an encouragement for you to continue ..." - Salerno

"All the CPRC Italian section is a true goldmine ... I am reading some articles ... and I find them very edifying indeed. I am reading particularly the eschatology section, and the brief and clear articles by Rev. Ron Hanko are so useful. My felt gratitude for your commitment and an encouragement to continue." - Perugia