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Resources on Calvin

John Calvin 

(1) Audio Resources

(Click on a link below to listen to the audio immediately; the MP3 files can also be downloaded from our audio page)

Watch a video clip in Portuguese of lectures given in Portugal on "Calvin's Battle for the Reformation."


(2) Written Resources

Calvin Articles

Calvin Pamphlet

Calvin Quotes


Calvin Book Reviews


(3) Books

Sermons by Calvin

Other Books by Calvin

Calvin's Theology


Church History


(4) Related Resource Pages


(5) Creeds Influenced by Calvin


(6) Protestant Reformed Theological Journal Articles on Calvin


(7) Other Off-Site Resources


(8) PRC Calvin Conference (3-5 September, 2009)

  • Calvin as Model for Reformed Ministers - Prof. Barrett Gritters  (Article) YouTube
  • Calvin as Church Reformer - Prof. Russell Dykstra  (Article YouTube
  • Calvin as Expositor and Preacher of Holy Scripture - Rev. Steven Key  (Article YouTube
  • Calvin’s Doctrine of Justification - Rev. Angus Stewart  (Article)   YouTube
  • Calvin’s Struggle for Church Discipline - Prof. Ronald Cammenga  (Article YouTube
  • Calvin’s Doctrine of the Covenant - Prof. David Engelsma  (Article
  • Calvin’s Doctrine of Predestination - Rev. Chris Connors  (Article YouTube
  • Question & Answer Session  YouTube